N.CAR 345


Cea mai mică mașină electrică tip camionetă din linia N.CAR. Designul modern, combinat cu soluții tehnologice inovatoare și bena de încărcare din aluminiu cu o sarcină utilă 250 kg, îl face popular în rândul clienților noștri. Datorită dimensiunilor sale compacte, vehiculul electric MELEX 345 este ideal pentru manevrarea în spații înguste. Modelul poate fi echipat cu o cutie de marfă închisă cu uși, bară de remorcare și alte suprastructuri utile, ceea ce extinde sfera de utilizare al acestuia.

2 locuri + benă cu sarcină utilă 250 kg
Vmax 39 kph Numărul de locuri 2 Capacitate 250 kg

Echipament standard

  • 3.3 kW AC motor;
  • 8 pcs of T-145 with capacity 260 Ah in discharging cycle 20h;
  • battery charger on-board 48V with DEFA socket;
  • galvanized frame;
  • aluminium cargo with loading capacity 250 kg- rear side foldable (dimensions: 950 x 1170 x 250 mm);
  • body made of laminate: mix of two colors of RAL palette, pearl layer;
  • black seats and seat back;
  • front and rear tubular bumper;
  • full light installation;
  • system of integrated indicators (for example battery discharge indicator; speedometer; mileage [km]; distance to go);
  • gear ratio 16:1;
  • front suspension with disc brakes - double A-frame with springs;
  • hydraulic brakes;
  • 3-point seat belts;
  • top;
  • glass windshield with wiper and washer;
  • 13 inches wheels;
  • slow/fast run switch;
  • 12V socket in the dashboard;
  • closed gloves compartment;
  • rear LED lamps.

Colours - to be chosen according to RAL palette, excluding RAL 1026, 1027, 2005, 2007, 3024, 3026, 6038. For colours RAL1019, 1035, 1036 - additional charge.

Echipament adițional

  • lithium batteries with on-board charger 2,3 kW;
  • lithium batteries with 3-phase charger 7,2 kW;
  • power steering;
  • profiled seats and seat back in 4XX style;
  • 5.0 kW AC motor;
  • bolsters (2 pcs);
  • plane (different colors);
  • netting boards;
  • gear ratio 20:1 (recommended for 5.0 kW AC);
  • orange warning stroboscope or rotating lamp;
  • towing hook;
  • system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
  • aluminium rims (4 pcs);
  • roof rellings;
  • cooling motor system;
  • forward drive signal;
  • closed gloves compartment;
  • cargo box made of AL profiles (dim. 950 x 1170 x 350 hidden locks);
  • right-hand steering (not for power steering);
  • pearl layer;
  • installation for radio, antenna, loudspeakers;
  • radio with maintenance memory function.

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