N.CAR 395 Special

The latest application of MELEX models introduced to a wide range of electric vehicles is a mobile hydrophore system, assembled on the model 395 N.CAR. It consists of a few elements, such as a 500 liters tank, water pump 12V, as well as accessories for watering and irrigation such as cranes, hoses, hose reel and so. Melex with a mobile hydrophore system can be used for disinfection, watering, irrigation, and after disassembling the tank, it can be used as a cargo model with netting boards. A model with a mobile hydrophore system allows for easy and quick watering of lawns, flower borders, plants in plant pots situated in hard-to-reach areas for traditional combustion cars. The system can be also used to wash the monuments in city centers, park benches, and other laces closed for traffic. It is perfect for greenhouses and plant nurseries. You can also assemble a mobile hydrophore system on the models 391, 391.1, and 395.1 N.CAR.
Mobile hydrophore system:

Mobile hydrophore system:

  • 500 litres tank (dimensions: length 140 cm, width 75 cm);
  • the expansion vessel (volume 24 liters, pressure 5 bars);
  • the mobile frame of lightweight iron;
  • prostate (protection from dry work);
  • water pump 12V (17 liters per minute);
  • accessories for watering, irrigating, disinfection such as cranes, hoses, hose reel, and watering accessories).
2-passenger model with a mobile hydrophore system
Vmax 43 kph Numărul de locuri 2 Capacitate 500 kg

Echipament standard

  • 8 pcs of T-145 with capacity 260 Ah in discharging cycle 20h;
  • 5.0 kW AC motor;
  • battery charger on-board 48V;
  • aluminum cargo made of panels 1750 x 1240 x 250 mm (aside sides and rear foldable);
  • 13 inches wheels;
  • wheels covers;
  • front suspension with disc brakes;
  • gear ratio 20:1;
  • rear LED lamps;
  •  top;
  • glass windshield with wiper and washer;
  • front tubular bumper.

ATTENTION: model is available with installation 72V. About details, please contact yourself with Sales Department (+48 17 773 81 19/+48 17 773 81 08)

Echipament adițional

  • 8.0 AC kW motor with controller 450 A;
  • towing hook;
  • installation for radio, antenna, loudspeakers;
  • radio with maintenance memory function;
  • bolsters (set 2 pcs);
  • profiled seats;
  • roof rellings;
  • hydraulic brake (loading capacity 800 kg);
  • steering power;
  • system of refilling water in batteries;
  • aluminium rims;
  • 14 inches wheels (24x8,5x14) with aluminium rims;
  • 14 inches (24x 8,5x14) with steel rims;
  • holders for belts below cargo;
  • orange stroboscope or rotating warning lamp;
  • forward drive buzzer;
  • side tooling boxes;
  • netting boards for cargo;
  • plane.

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