Melex 463 is the passenger model of the newest series N.CLASSIC, which is distinguished by the attractive design, which is on the one hand a reference to the tradition and first Melex vehicles, on the other hand emphasizes universal nature of the model. The colorful exterior and interior designs elements make it a more eye-catching showcase of modern business. For the first time we applied two-tone seats, which significantly improve the ride comfort, as well as a double A-frame suspension, which improves the model's maneuverability and suppresses bumps on the road during a ride. Each 4XX vehicle is equipped with a top and a glass windshield with a wiper and a washer. The model is ideal for the tourism industry - in a small aluminium box you can comfortably transport different things - for example suitcases and other equipment. With a rich palette of options we can perfectly match our new model to your expectations.

4 - person passenger - category L7e (MWRE7A*03)
Vmax 33 kph Numărul de locuri 4 Capacitate 180 kg

Echipament standard

  • 8 pcs of batteries T-125 with capacity of 240 Ah in discharging cycle 20h;
  • 5.0 kW AC motor;
  • battery charger on-board 48V;
  • system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
  • wheels 195/55-10 or 20,5 x 8.0-10;
  • hydraulic drum brakes;
  • gear ratio 20:1 (or 16:1);
  • top;
  • glass windshield with wiper and washer;
  • rear acrylic windshield behind seats;
  • rear LED lamps;
  • LED daylights;
  • galvanized frame;
  • hydraulic brakes;
  • full light installation; 
  • 12V socket in dashboard;
  • 3-point seat belts;
  • system of integrated indicators;
  • mirrors;
  • standard color of body: white RAL 9016 (without color additions);
  • front/rear registration plates; 
  • OBD (on-board diagnostics);
  • flat grey seat.

Echipament adițional

  • profilled seats and seat back;
  • covers for rollbar;
  • COLOR EDITION: painted elements [white/black body with color painted finishing elements (cockpit, glove compartment, rear fender, cup)]; -
  • lithium batteries with battery charger 2.3 kW;
  • lithium batteries with battery charger 7,2 kW;
  • installation for radio (loudspeaker, antenna, harness);
  • adio w/function of memory maintaining;
  • 8 pcs of batteries T-145 with capacity 260 Ah in discharging cycle 20h;
  • wheels covers 10 inches;
  • closed gloves compartment & cup (grey color);
  • different color of RAL palette (except reserved colors);
  • different color of top.

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