Melex model 465 is the biggest model of the N.CLASSIC line. It is distinguished by a completely revised design, which on the one hand is a reference to tradition, and the first Melex vehicles, on the other hand, emphasizes the modern and universal nature of vehicles. The colorful exterior and interior design elements make it an eye-catching showcase of modern business. The cargo box was assembled much lower, making it easier to load and unload, and the ability to carry up to 475 kg load enables completely new applications. The most important changes, however, are hidden in vehicle construction. The double A-frame suspension significantly improves comfort drive and Melex maneuverability. Each model of the 4XX line is equipped with a top and a glass windshield with a wiper and washer. Thanks to the rich palette of options and special constructions we can perfectly match your model to the expectations.

2-passenger cargo model with loading capacity 475 kg
Vmax 33 kph Numărul de locuri 2 Capacitate 475 kg

Echipament standard

  • 8 pcs of T-125 batteries 240 Ah in discharging cycle 20h;
  • 5.0 kW AC motor;
  • battery charger on-board 48V;
  • wheels 195/55-10 or 20.5 x 8.0-10;
  • gear ratio 20:1;
  • aluminum cargo made of the black painted sheet with dimensions 1770 x 1200 x 250 mm;
  • top;
  • glass windshield with wiper and washer;
  • rear LED lamps;
  • galvanized frames;
  • hydraulic brakes;
  • full light installation;
  • 12V socket in the dashboard;
  • 3-point seat belts;
  • aside and rear mirrors;
  • standard color of body: white RAL 9016 (no color additions);
  • grey flat seat.

Echipament adițional

  • UPHOLSTERY: profiled seat and seat back, roll bar cover;
  • COLOR EDITION: painted elements (glove compartment, rear fender, cup);
  • lithium batteries with battery charger 2.3 kW;
  • lithium batteries with battery charger 7.2 kW;
  • towing hook;
  • installation for radio, loudspeakers, antenna;
  • radio with maintenance memory function;
  • system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
  • 8 pcs of T-145 with capacity 260 Ah in loading cycle 20h;
  • front tubular bumper;
  • rear acrylic windshield behind driver and passenger;
  • roof rellings;
  • aluminum cargo box made of aluminum profiles dim. 1750 x 1240 x 250 - rear board openable, instead of standard one;
  • aluminum cargo box made of aluminum profiles dim. 1750 x 1240 x 350 - hidden locks, instead of standard one;
  • netting boards;
  • plane;
  • containers Nos. 202, 203, 204, 207, 208, 407, 410, 411, 412;
  • wheels cover 10 inches;
  • closed gloves compartment & cup (grey color);
  • weather enclosure;
  • different color of RAL palette (except reserved color);
  • different color of the top.

Available colors of COLOR EDITION: light and dark color, orange, red, blue, beige, black.

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